Cancer: Survival, Weblogs and Bucket Lists...oh, my

Cancer: Survival to Legacy

Elizabeth Edwards (1949-2010) was an advocate for keeping sturdy when dwelling with most cancers. She lived with phase four most cancers for really awhile. This warrior while in the most cancers crusades misplaced the fight, but built an indelible mark over the remainder of the planet along with her steps and her words and phrases. Her previous Fb article was:

The times of our life, for all of us, are numbered. We all know that. And, certainly, you'll find undoubtedly instances after we are not equipped to muster just as much toughness and endurance as we'd like. It really is referred to as staying human, she wrote.

But I've located that during the easy act of residing with hope, as well as in the each day exertion to possess a optimistic effect on the globe, the times I do have are created every one of the additional significant and important. And for that i'm grateful. It's not achievable to place into text the adore and gratitude I sense to all people that has and carries on to help and encourage me everyday. To you personally I only say: you realize.

For all of us, the sport of everyday living may have an conclusion. How we elect to reside our times, hrs, minutes; the affect now we have on many others, the ones that will have our torch just after we've been not during the race; this can be our legacy. It's really hard adequate to become solid in addition to a shining illustration inside the better of periods. How we decide to experience our problems and direct our life during the worst of occasions will definitely determine who we actually are and the way we'll be remembered.

I participated in the discussion board that's setting up a Q along with a checklist for the regrettable souls to comply with when very first identified with Oral/Tonsil/Throat, and so on. Most cancers. My contribution to your team was:

*Get your dental get the job done carried out prior to your encounter and jaw are radiated. I've the specific tailor made manufactured dental trays and fluoride paste. I exploit it each individual night time and may endlessly, therefore of your head & neck radiation. The bone structure is weakened and you want to avoid having any major dental do the job, put up radiation, if you can. If you haven't right before - step up your oral health regimen.

* Bulk up in weight whilst you can. You need to obtain something extra to lose, because you will lose weight. I added ten pounds and dropped thirty-five. You won't be capable to eat again until a great deal later, so enjoy butter and cream on everything until even water starts to taste like moldy cardboard.

*Seriously consider having a peg feeding tube installed ( a long plastic tube sticking out of your stomach so you can take protein and liquids on a gravity-fed system when you can now not swallow - not even water). I thought I was a tough guy and got all the way through treatment without teh feeding tube and then landed during the hospital the week immediately after treatment ended to get hydrated and have the tube installed - Hated it . Immensely! But it saved my everyday living.

*Maintain a light regimen of exercise, walking, stretching, anything - it is actually as good for your mind and it really is for your body. You will get weak and for me I was reduced for the pitiful shuffle of a 90 year old man. Having been in sports in high school and college, I wasn't used to not remaining ready to even walk across the room. I was a whiner about the exercise, so instruct your spouse, friend, caregiver, partner for being unrelenting about the encouragement to get a bit of exercise in every day. You will probably be better off for it.

*Surround yourself with beneficial motivation, whether it really is constructive quotes, music, relationships, prayer, and many others. Develop a powerful, constructive Mantra. I used mine ( I WILL beat this most cancers, I WILL beat this most cancers, I WILL beat this most cancers ) with a customized created CD with 5 three minute songs during the 35 fifteen-minute radiation treatments to help fight the claustrophobia and why me's . To insure precise targeted doses from the radiation over the most cancers you are fitted with a custom made face-mask that bolts your head on the table and then your body is strapped down on the table in advance of they slide you into the radiation tube. I used to ask my radiation techs if they charged extra towards the S and M patients. Very claustrophobic.

*Start a blog or diary. Sometimes this will likely be the only way you can communicate. My throat was so dry and I also couldn't swallow - even if I could, it was too painful. Writing in my blog solved the communication problem. I remember friends calling to check up on me and having to hang up because I couldn't get any sound to come out.

*Make a Gratitude List of each of the good things you are thankful for and the experiences you have had in your existence. DO NOT write a bucket list (until you get through treatment). Do not focus for one second on what you don't have or didn't do. The size in the good-things-I-am- thankful-for Gratitude List will surprise you. It will likely be substantially extended than you thought probable. Make copies. publish one in every single room of your home and place a copy in your wallet. Read it each day. Read it again.

*Radiation and chemo is and awful experience to go through, but it really is necessary to survive. I also hated going for the dentist my whole existence, but I did it because I wanted to keep my teeth. I hated going through rads and chemo, but I did it because I wanted to keep my lifetime. Treatment is just a job, A dirty, nasty, unforgiving job. Do the job. Get it over with. Move on with your existence, a better lifestyle for the number of times you do have . Now you can write your bucket list. I was lucky. I've had the good fortune to dwell a fantastic and exciting existence. I went everywher3e an did everything...sometimes twice.My list only had four things on it.

1. Tell every person how important they are, how considerably you appreciate them and mend Your bridges. It can be a shame which i had to get most cancers to figure this one out. I threw a party a week just after I got my two-year, most cancers free, diagnosis, with over 50 people in attendance to celebrate my relationship with them - family, friends, and co-workers. It was fantastic. I loved it - they loved it. Very fulfilling and humbling. The greatest things in everyday living are not things.

2. I wanted to write and be published...and here we've been to the environment wide web. I've feedback and emails from people from all over the planet just after reading my posts.

3. I always wanted to play inside a rock band. On my 63rd birthday (three months ago) I started taking music lessons on my new Fender electric bass. It truly is definitely a thirty year old NEW electric bass. I bought it NEW thirty years ago in the momentary lapse of judgment within a fleeting mid-life crisis. I recovered, and promptly place it within the closet. I rediscovered it, wiped off the dust and bought an amp.

Sometime next year, my guitar teacher is grabbing some of his friends and is putting a band together for me, one night time only, playing the only three songs I know how to play, at a pizza parlor with a invitation to my friends.

Then I can hang up the guitar - or sell it on eBay or God willing, are living long sufficient to actually learn how to play that thing and get into a real band. All classic rock, country and blues of course.

Note: I'm growing a beard and stopped cutting my hair - because I actually can (which is amazing because I misplaced my hair during the chemo treatments and thought it would never come back and I would be doomed to look like a hairless Chihuahua for the remainder of my times) to accentuate my new-found Rock Star image.

4. Leave a legacy to become proud of. I'm compiling a print version and DVD version of my daily life stories, excerpts from my weblogs and my rediscovered deep appreciation for all those who are important to me. I finished my will. I've provisions for my wife and four children and my new grand children. I intend to stay a full twenty years a lot more....but, just in case.

Long immediately after the cars, guitars, bank accounts and things are gone, how you might be remembered will probably be your legacy.

I adore these quotes:

What we have been is God's gift to us. What we become is our gift to God. ~ Eleanor Powell

It is never too late to get who you might have been. ~ George Eliot


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